Environmental Advantage


By choosing Ink Isle remanufactured toner cartridges, you are joining many others and helping to ease the burden of e-waste on our environment. Ink Isle takes pride in helping organizations become more environmentally responsible, while helping to reduce the cost of printing in the office. Ink Isle attempts to minimize environmental damage by providing a clear and positive environmental alternative.

This mandate begins with a purchasing review and continues through product planning, manufacturing and retrieval of used cartridges for recycling.  All waste materials that can be recycled are processed, sorted and shipped to a recycling centre. Click here to learn more about how you can participate in Ink Isle’s Cartridge Recycling Program.


• Resource Conservation

The typical used toner cartridge weighs about three pounds and is composed of 40 percent plastic, 40 percent metal and smaller percentages of rubber, paper, foam and toner. The plastic is made of engineering-grade polymers and takes at least 1,000 years to decompose. However, approximately 97% of these combined components can be recycled or reused. [1]

• Energy Conservation

The energy equivalent of 3 quarts of oil is consumed in the manufacturing of a new cartridge. [2]  While there is energy consumed in the transportation of empty cartridges, it is far less than what is used to make a new cartridge.

• Reduce Land Fill Needs

The plastic in a toner cartridge takes at least 1,000 years to decompose, but the recovery and reuse of toner cartridges diverts millions of cubic feet of material from landfills. [3] Every time a cartridge is remanufactured or recycled (after the cartridge is beyond useful life for remanufacturing), there is a reduction in the demand for land fill space.  In fact, a used cartridge can be remanufactured up to four times, depending on type and condition, thereby compounding the environmental benefits. [2]

Contact your Ink Isle representative to learn more about how Ink Isle printing supplies can help you make a difference in our environment and see how you can PrintGreen.

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